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01/01/13 02:09 PM

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Dear SOM Fanatics -

2013 is going to bring a new and unique newsletter to help SOM Baseball Gamers called "The Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter", an online newsletter.

We have been collecting emails of people who want to be alerted as soon as it is ready,
there are a group of us who will be working on this together and we intend to do new
activities which have never been done before. The newsletter will be free - and if you
signup we have a few gifts to offer.  So if you say "I WANT IN" in the subject, and send
your request with your email to - we will add you to the list.

For those who may not know of me, when I was younger in the 70's and 80's I was quite
involved with the baseball game, had some articles in the Strat-o-matic Review and helped
with four or five conventions from 1974-1980 (I believe) in Illinois - Wolfman is my nickname
I received during league play - and our Skokie Wolfmen just won the 2012 CBA season
(a computer league that has been around for 16 years) - so lets celebrate the New Year
together as we present this dynamic new newsletter, not to replace what already exists
but to add on to and perform form alliances with many other groups. We already in discussion
with rezz dogg how we can work together - just sent him a few proposals and we appreciate
his willingness to help us get the word out - you guys are doing great here with all your
posts and forums - we will just be an interesting new add-on ...

Happy New Years Eve - to a great 2013 and success for your team(s) in the new year

Wolfman Shapiro

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01/14/13 09:08 PM

Fellow Villagers,

yesterday was our "Opening Day" for our new newsletter, "The Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter"

so if you want to take a peek at what this new newsletter is all about (which by the way we also are now in partnership with The Stratomatic Baseball Village) here is the page to go to (also to sign up) - for this FREE newsletter and to receive the FREE gifts we offer when you join (free is good!):
(some people have trouble in their browser with the .tk domain, if you do try: )

Over 60 people joined in the first day so far - its a new experiment and an interesting
new adventure - we hope you will be a part of this new co-created project

thanks Stratomatic Baseball Village,

Wolfman Shapiro

PS - we are open at any time for contributions - personal stories, strategies, insights,
you name it - feel free to contact us!!

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03/20/13 12:28 PM

Hi Villagers ....

don't know if you had a chance to check out our new FREE on-line newsletter - but we just
released Issue #2 which features an article by rezzdogg about Fathers and Sons

In edition we have our Commissioner's Corner column with CBA commisser
Marc Wasserman

a new column called Strat Thoughts with Bruce Bundy

I am sharing articles about the first National SOM Conventions

In Issue #1 we had an article from Mantle67 - from this forum

also in Issue 2 is an interview with Tom Swank's son and more goodies

to signup for the newsletter we have our own domain now you can visit

we also want to thank rezzdogg for helping us to design our signup page
and his advice and suggestions

we have some more amazing information coming in our April issue and
we are always open to new contributions

we wish everyone an enjoyable, league, replay and tournament

Wolfman Shapiro
editor of the "Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter"

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07/03/13 12:31 PM

Villagers - Update and News at the Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter

Issue #4 was release on Sunday - which includes all type of new interviews and articles
if you have joined our FREE newsletter yet, the sign up page is located at:

In issue 4 we interview two more tournament directors (for on-line tournaments with
a draft of the current card season) - we continue our articles on the early National
Conventions (1972-1980) - commisioners column, an interview with Rick Sutcliffe,
ex-MLB pitcher and more

again we thank rezzdogg for his help to get us started this year

When you sign up, we have an archive page, so you can read the first four issues
we have released and all the bulletins

Now for more details on this announcement see our new post - we are going to bring
back a form of the National Conventions, except we will do it completely on-line, working
with friends linked to Star Tournaments, the 3rd weekend of September will feature
three different tournaments, you can play a diffferent one each day - check out
my post about the SOM On-line Baseball Convention - a grand experiment to bring
our community together!!

all the best to your leagues, replays and tournaments

Wolfman Shapiro
editor of the "Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter"
co-coordinator of the SOM On-line Baseball Convention

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11/30/13 01:20 PM

Updated on the Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter

Dear Fellow Villagers and Strat Family,

well we come now to the end of an amazing year, a year which has seen its ups and downs,
-- it has sure been interesting to act as an editor for our newsletter - we hope to have our
last 2013 issue (#7) out mid-December and could have one of the first employees of SOM
coming to share with our members.

We want to once again recognize rezzdogg for his support and help with the unfolding of our
publication in the early days - we still use part of his design he suggested for our pages plus
our members enjoy his and Michael's articles - this is a very pleasant memory for this year and
how powerful things can be when we work together to help and support each other!

I also was happy to work with Star Tournaments and Purestrat, who do both live and on-line
draft tournaments as we form the Strat Alliance this summer. And now, we have another special
opportunity to work with other well respected people in our community to bring forth some
special strategy documents - that is with (who do their yearly Rookie Review)
and the legendary Bruce Bundy, one of the best SOM baseball strategists and GM, a beta
tester for the game company and has developed the formulas to produce the SOM cards.
He is sharing now what he calls his 2013 SOM Projection Sheets so you can see the new
cards month ahead.

In the General Store I will be adding a post about a special offer our partners are giving
on their documents which is a promotion also to help the newsletter grow, it might be
of interest and can help you plan your strategies for your league or tournament
teams in 2014

everyone enjoy the holidays and perhaps part of the celebration will be time to
play the game we love,

all the best

Wolfman Shapiro
editor of the "Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter"

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