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05/03/15 01:15 AM

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I’m pleased to announce that the Stratomatic Baseball Village has developed a new partnership with a school: the Project Libertas Interactive Baseball History Class in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The class has elementary and middle school students who take part in various interactive activities to learn about baseball history, and includes the opportunity to play Strat-O-Matic!  We have provided the class with their own category to share updates on their activities, Strat results, and the opportunity to interact with our membership.  Member Oharring (Owen) is the students’ teacher, and will soon be sharing more with us on the details of the class before the students start posting.

The Village is also donating two brand new game sets to the class, chosen by them:

-          A Negro League Baseball Game set.

-          A 42 Oldtimers Teams Baseball Game set.

The game sets have been ordered and are now being shipped to Indiana!

We’d like to continue further donations of brand new Strat items from the Village to the class.  I’ll be taking monetary donations of any size from members and post a running total of what comes in.  The class will determine which team sets and related items they’d like next.  100% of all donations received will go to these purchases.  In addition to the class, they are now considering an after school program.  If you’d like to donate to this fund, you can PM rezz for the details.

We welcome you to take part in this wonderful interactive opportunity to help young people learn about baseball history and Strat.

rezzdogg (Ken)


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05/03/15 10:33 PM


Thank you so much to the whole SOM Baseball Village. The kids in class are so excited to be part of things and they can't wait to get started. Among their biggest questions and points of interest right now are: 
1. "Are we allowed to post 'game stories' too???" (They're blown away by some some of the write-ups.)
2. They're super excited to draft teams from the Negro Leagues set. Our school has an emphasis on social justice, so the integration of baseball holds strong interest to many of them. 
3. "Are there gonna be people who've SEEN these guys play?" (I explained that anyone who might have seen Jackie Robinson or Buck O'Neil would have to be in at minimum their mid-seventies, but Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle, and Al Kaline should be well represented.)

The students have given themselves nicknames, but they will all be posting under the user ID PROJECTLIBERTAS. 

Thanks again, everyone. This should be fun. 

@libertasindy on Twitter 

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05/04/15 12:28 PM

I can only speak for myself, but your kids will one of my top priorities, and I believe you'll find much in the way of support from our community.

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