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I set up draft leagues putting 12 teams of the best players of the season into a team using the draft from SOM.
​I draft my team and the computer drafts the rest.  The tems contiunue for a couple of years getting the same players and a new draft starts the beginning of the new year with the worst teams of the previous year replay drafting first.

​I would like to see SOM get rid of the dice and use the computer's ability to generate random numbers and base the results on percentages instead of dice.  Much more accurate.

​The biggest change i would like to see is using the baseball daily model to adjust the hitting and picthing during the season based on the stats for each player in your replay league.  As the season goes on the program will attempt to bring the replay stats back in line with the real stats.
​I have run my leagues through many seasons using the computer replay and i get a too much  variety on the player stats each season.  I realise that in a all star league none of the players should do as well as in real life but in this format playing the same schedule results, i think, vary too much

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