06/01/17 05:52 PM

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I'm new here, going through a move and finally decided to part with my 1978 strat o matic baseball card set.  I've had it since I got it in 1979.  No box, but I have all the parts needed to play the game (1-20 orange cards x 2, game board, all reference boards needed for game pay, instructions, player pawns, and dice).  I have the 1978 complete set (20 players per team) and three 1977 teams (Cubs, Indians, Yankees).  I must have first bought this in 1978 and then later bought the complete 1978 season. 

This was well played and used by 14 year old me.  Cards were rubberbanded, have sun fading, some writing, and some stains here and there but nothing is unreadable or interferes with printing.  I verified each team has all 20 cards last night and didn't notice anything that would prevent a card from being used.  I remember playing the KC Royals complete 1978 season so the their team and the rest of the american league will have more wear than the NL.

So I have a question, is this something that would be worth posting for sale?  I see 1978 sets have sold recently on ebay for around 140 but those include the extra players and are probably in better condition.  I'd like to get my expectations in line before posting anything on here or ebay for sale.