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03/09/11 10:12 PM

BABE RUTH AND LINDSAY LOHAN IN THE SAME POST?????????????????  YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU'LL GET ON THE INTERNET!!grin This site will allow us to play the game using the cards! As long as we have the same cardsets, we can play just as if we were across the table Face to Face! If you like the basic side of the cards and playing the game the way it was first played back in the 60's, then this site will allow that! Make contact if you'd like to play a few games and/or possibly start a league with others that enjoy playing the game with the cards and charts!!

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03/07/15 08:42 AM

Hi Guys,

I love these tails about the early players of baseball and how they acted on and off the field. Later this fall 2015 I have planned to play a tournament using many of these early 1800's players and teams. I'm going to call the tournament, "The Old Dusty Roads Tournament". I will take some of the greatest teams from these early years and pit them against one another it should be a lot of fun.

J.Q. GO 2017 RED SOX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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